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Advanced tips on chart widgets

Chart widgets are capable of creating practical data visualisation that helps you to find any insightful trends. Here are some of the charts making practices people would find useful.

Using stacked bar for multiple entrances

For large structures like supermarkets or even shopping malls, having more than one entrance is very common. One of the ways to see the distribution of footfall across these gates would be showing it in stacked bar format.

Remember to turn off the comparison for a cleaner display

If you also want to show an aggregated total next to it, you can display just the footfall number for the whole location with the same time settings. Then you will see an identical chart with just one total number.

Breakdown on the left; total on the right

Stacking data for engagement evaluation

More zone traffic leads to more engagement count in general

Zone traffic and engagement count are heavily related and serve as key metrics for users to evaluate whether their marketing resources have been well-spent or not. You can actually stack primary data with secondary data by setting both chart type to the stacked bar. Remember to change the X-axis to locations.

Updated on May 12, 2021

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