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How can I create an alert in Cyclops Watch?

If you want to monitor your store performance without logging into Cyclops from time to time, you’re on the right page!

Cyclops Watch serves as the storekeeper by monitoring any major changes and reporting to you directly. Follow four simple steps to kick-start the active management right away:

Step 1: Pick the store you would like to monitor. Select a particular zone after store selection if you want to monitor a zone.

Step 2: Set the time interval for the alert. It implies the length of time for the counting occurrence. You may enable the instant alert function if necessary.

Step 3: Design the alert condition by choosing the data type, relationship and threshold.

Step 4: Select the medium and recipient whom you would like to send the notification to. 

Done! You may view your new alert on the Cyclops Watch page. Now you are one step closer to active management!

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Updated on March 19, 2021

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