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How do I upload / change my store floorplan?

The store floorplan is used to define zones for AI analytics and data visualization. Keep reading to learn how it works! 

In the store setup wizard, you will be asked to upload your floorplan either by dragging and dropping your file into the box or by clicking the box to select an image from your computer. 

This is what the upload window looks like in the setup wizard.

We only support files in .jpg, .jpeg and .png format up to 20MB

If you would like to change the floorplan, you can do so by going to the store page and locate your store first. Then click on the floorplan button on the side menu. And you should be able to update floorplan.

update your floorplan to ensure the most accurate representation of your store. Adding remarks on the floorplan is also advisable for better readability.

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Updated on August 31, 2020

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