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What do different components in camera stream URL mean?

The camera stream URL consists of four different components, with the format below:

You may refer to the table below for detailed descriptions of each. 

Username & PasswordUsername and Password of your camera, separated by “:” (colon).  Configurable on DVR/NVR or your camera setup page
Public IP addressPublic IP address of the network of your camera.  Please note that if your IP address starts with “10.”/”172./”192.168.” then it is likely to be a local IP address, which means you will need to find the public IP address from the router that the camera is connected to.  If you have any difficulties in obtaining your Public IP address please contact your technical support or ISP.
RTSP port[Optional] Default port for RTSP is 554, however port forwarding rules could be set up for cameras/DVR/NVR to use specific ports for RTSP.  Please refer to your router/firewall settings on port forwarding setup.
SuffixVaries across manufacturers, different suffixes will be used depending on camera types and whether the camera is connected to an DVR/NVR or not.  For the official RTSP suffixes, please refer to the manufacturers user manual.

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Updated on November 24, 2023

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