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How do I get the RTSP stream URL from my camera?

Not all camera systems provide the URL directly. In some situations, users may have to generate the URL themselves. But don’t worry! We are here to guide you step by step. 

To get the RTSP stream URL from your camera, please first make sure: 
• your camera is connected to the internet, and;
• RTSP is supported by your camera/DVR/NVR, and;
• RTSP port on your camera/DVR/NVR is open

RTSP URL format

A RTSP URL consists of 4 pieces of information, which are obtainable from different pages of the camera/DVR/NVR system specified in the table below. 

ComponentsWhere to find

Username and Password

·   DVR/NVR Camera setup page
·   Camera setup page

Public IP address

·   Router

RTSP port

·   Router (if port forwarding is done)


Depending on the way your camera is connected to internet, there are two ways to extract the suffix:
Scenario 1: Cameras directly connected to internet;
Scenario 2: Cameras connected to DVR/NVR first, then connect to internet

Example of RTSP URL

Suffix Examples

Scenario 1: Cameras directly connected to the internet:

Main stream/live/ch0
Sub stream/live/ch1
Specific codec (avc)/avc
Specific codec (H264)/H.264

Scenario 2: Cameras connected to DVR/NVR first, then connect to the internet:

Suffix (Hikvision NVR)Suffix (Dahua NVR)
Channel 1, main stream/Streaming/Channels/101/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0
Channel 2, main stream/Streaming/Channels/201/cam/realmonitor?channel=2&subtype=0
Channel 1, sub stream/Streaming/Channels/102/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1

For the above examples they might work on some other DVR/NVR models even if the manufacturer is different.  For the official RTSP suffixes, please refer to the manufacturers’ user manual.

Please contact us at support@dayta.ai if you have any more questions, our team will assist you in solving the problem. 

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Updated on April 1, 2021

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