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Is my camera streaming in real-time?

Yes, we process your data in real-time, but processed data will be displayed either in real-time or with a latency of 8 hours, depending on your camera subscription plan.

If your subscription plan consist of the real-time acceleration feature, you may learn how to activate and deactivate this feature for your cameras here.

If you do not have this feature in your subscription plan and would like to activate this feature, you may contact us at support@dayta.ai.

If you are experiencing abnormal latency for your data, please also contact us at support@dayta.ai.

Tip: You should check your camera stream status to make sure your camera is not paused, closed, disconnected or errored. If your camera is paused, click here to learn how to start your camera. If you are unsure of what these camera stream statuses mean, refer to this article

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Updated on December 13, 2023

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