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Why I cannot generate and download my report?

There are many reasons for being unable to generate and download your report. 

You may be unable to generate your report because no store or more than one store has been selected. Please make sure you have chosen only one store at a time.

Make sure to click the refresh icon to generate your report and wait for the download icon to appear before clicking on it. 

Your download status may indicate why you are unable to download your report. 

  • Error: Try generating your report again and contact us at info@dayta.ai for further assistance 
  • Not Enough Data: Our system could not fetch your store data due to reasons such as zone not created, camera not connected, floorplan missing, and AI engines not set up. You may choose to generate a report for another month. 

If you are still having trouble generating and downloading your monthly report, please contact us at info@dayta.ai, and we will assist you in the process. 

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Updated on November 30, 2023

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