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How to export data in Cyclops?

To further examine and consolidate your set of data, you may choose to export files from Cyclops in CSV or Excel format. There are two ways to export data: Local Download & Email:

Local Download: The exported files will be downloaded to your local computer

Email: The exported files will be sent to the recipient’s email address

Here we will walk you through the export process with each method.

Method 1: Local Download

Step 1: Make sure you have chosen Local Download

Step 2: Choose export file type: CSV and/or Excel

For general data analytics purposes, export with an Excel file is preferred. If you have selected both options, the files will be exported in .zip format.

Step 3: Select suitable touchpoints as the source of data

If you have selected the entire location, each touchpoint will have a row of data in the exported file, instead of simply having 1 aggregated value of the location.

Step 4: Select the types of data you would like to export

You need to select touchpoints first before selecting any data type. If none of the touchpoints you have selected supports a certain data type, the option will be disabled.

Review the meaning of each data type here.

Step 5: Define the export period, including the data period and data display unit

You may select the data period by clicking on the built-in shortcuts (i.e. Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days etc.) or click on the “From” and “To” fields to customize.

The data display unit determines the time interval of your data within the data period. If you have selected more than 1 options, they will be displayed in separate sheets in the exported file.

Step 6: Submit your export request and wait

Everything should be set and ready to go, you can click Export to start exporting the data. The system will notify you if you miss something along the way.

It is also worth noting that the export processing time is directly related to the amount of data you are exporting, so please be patient if you are export a large amount of data.

Step 7: Export Success!

You will get a success message from Cyclops when the file download is ready

Data exported with excel comes with Excel table form
at which offers great filtering and charting capability

Method 2: Email

Email export has a similar flow to Local Download, but has some extra fields to complete. Below are the steps to do so

Step 1: Make sure you have chosen Email

Step 2: Type the recipients’ email addresses

You may select workspace members as the recipients on the first dropdown bar, or type in email addresses outside of the workspace in the second bar.

Step 3: Customise your email (Optional)

You may choose to customize the email title and body or leave them blank to use the default contents.

Step 4: Configure other export settings (introduced above)

Step 5: Click Export

Step 6: Export Success!

You will get a success message from Cyclops when the email is sent.

If you encounter any difficulties in exporting your data, please do not hesitate to report the problem by emailing us at support@dayta.ai.

Updated on December 7, 2023

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