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What is engagement and how is it calculated?

Engagement metrics is one of the most powerful data Cyclops can provide to you. It helps you to evaluate whether your products or promotion campaign can attract visitors to stay or interact.

In simple terms, a person is regarded as engaging when he/she slows down or completely stopped.

Engaging Visitors Examples

  • When a customer stops and picks up a product he/she is interested
  • When a visitor slows down to see the billboard advertisement

Not Engaging Visitors Examples

  • When a visitor slowly by-pass the area
  • When a person walks into the shop

Here are some visual examples of how Cyclops will identify different people as engaging or not.

People staying, people walking

For every count of engaging visitors, it increases the number of engagement count by one and the duration he/she spent during the engagement will be regarded as engagement time.

How is engagement time different from dwell time?

Dwell time includes both engagement time and non-engagement time. In other words, engagement time will be a subset of dwell time. The illustrated example shown below would give you a better idea. Let’s imagine a person walks into a zone, stay for 4 seconds and leave, then the result will be:
Dwell time = 6 seconds
engagement time = 4 seconds

Updated on May 18, 2021

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