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Your Data Guide in Cyclops

In this guide, we will walk you through a brief introduction to all data types Cyclops can generate. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at all times.


The number of people that pass the footfall line from OUT to IN
Every visitor coming into the store will be counted 1 footfall

Passerby Total

The number of people that pass the passerby line from A to B or B to A
This number can be splited in to Passerby A to B and Passerby B to A for visitor path analysis
Passerby represents traffic outside of the entrance

Zone Traffic

The number of people that enters the zone from all direction
Perfect for marketing campaign monitoring

Walk-in Rate (%)

The conversion rate of outside traffic into your shop visitors. Similarily as Click-through rate in the marketing sector, this number tells you the percentage of “clicks” (footfall) you get for the “impression” (passerby) you have

Footfall / (Footfall + Passerby) * 100%

The formula of walk-in rate
Walk-in Rate is the No.1 metric to evaluate shop operating effectiveness

Engagement Count

The number of people engaged inside the locations/zones. Read more to see how we decide if a visitor is engaging or not.
People staying, people walking

Engagement Rate (%)

The conversion rate of zone traffic into an engaged one, serves as a crucial metric in evaluating location/zones promotion effectiveness

Engagement Count / Zone Traffic * 100%

THE FORMULA OF Engagement rate

Engagement Time – Average / Total

The avaerage or total engagement time spent inside the locations/zones by visitors. Read more about the detailed engagment time calculation.
Engagement time = 4s ; Dwell time = 6s

Engagement Time Rate (%)

The percentage of engagement time to dwell time on average.

Engagement Time / Dwell Time * 100%

The formula of engagement time rate
Using the same example, the engagement time rate will be 4s / 6s *100% = 67%

Dwell Time – Average / Total

The average or total time spent inside the locations/zones by visitors

Gender (%)

The percentage of Male and Female visitor inside the locations/zones

Age Group (%)

A percentage classification of visitors into the age of:
Age Group0-1415-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465+


Returns the number of people inside the zone in 1-min interval, available in Max and Median number.
For example, the occupancy number in this image would be 3.

Assume the following is the Occupancy number Cyclops can capture from the footage over a 1-minute duration


The number to be saved in Cyclops database would be,

Occupancy Median = 2

Occupancy Max = 3

Generally speaking, users should use occupancy median value for people counting and facility usage calculation; while occupancy max value is more suitable for access control scenarios in which they aim to check whether there are people or not.

Updated on October 19, 2023

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