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What is a touchpoint and how to create one?

A touchpoint is a user-defined area in the location that Cyclops will perform analytics on. Creating touchpoints allows you to compare your zone performance against various indicators. 

To create an touchpoint, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to “Locations” and open the “Touchpoint” panel.

Step 2: Input Touchpoint Information

Grouping touchpoints helps makes it easier for retrieving data for data visualisation and export. Learn more about touchpoint groupings here.

Step 3: Proceed to complete setup

You may choose to complete the touchpoint position and AI Engine set up later. The touchpoint will then be categorized into an undesignated touchpoint. Learn more about setting up an undesignated touchpoint here.

Step 4: Mark the touchpoint position on the floorplan.

Make sure you have selected the correct floor before marking the touchpoint position.

Step 5: Choose the appropriate AI Engine

Learn about the 3 types of AI Engines here.

Step 6: Select the corresponding camera

Step 7: Draw the touchpoint line/ zone in the stream snapshot

Details of drawing touchpoint line/ zone is explained here.

Step 8: Done!

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Updated on December 29, 2023

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